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​Work is underway.

Hurricane Katrina. The standing water leached away the paint . I replaced it, recreating the original character.

Fairgrinds coffee house. This was a bookie joint next to the  Fairgrounds Race track.  A hole was cut in the face of the mural to allow for more phone lines. The wood was replaced and the missing part of the mural recreated.

Pontchartrain Hotel. The 1928 painted ceiling had been covered up . It was badly damaged . Using the original motifs , some panels were  recreated, others were  brought back to the original. The surfaces were partially distressed through age, and that feeling was recaptured.

LSU Music and Dramatic Arts Building   Restored all the finishes.

The ornamentation had all been painted over.

Completed project

Fountain. broken in chunks, it was reassembled and toned over to disguise the repairs and give it more character.